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Building Bridges in 2020 through forums, dialogue and training

The Center’s 8th Business Forum is happy history – thanks to our sponsors, speakers, participants, a great team, a beautiful venue, food for thought and delight. You will see many happy faces because it is with joy and passion that ideas and knowledge are exchanged among people. Some impressions of what it felt like to be there are online:
Virtual Broadcasting

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Launching the Center’s 8th Global Business Forum today

The last two weeks flew by with preparations for our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” and inspiring meetings with our global partners in Germany, the US and Switzerland. New Focused Forums in Madrid, Los Angeles and New York are on our horizon while leaves are starting to fall in the City of Lights and summer sun is still enlightening our spirits.

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Start the New Year with our 8th Global Forum in Paris – Only very few spots left!

Vive la rentrée – back to school – in France. I hope you enjoyed your summer time; you’re recharged, revitalized with new ideas, new thoughts… It’s a bit like a New Years Day, but a much better one that does not take place in cold and grey January. In September, we still get some warm and sunny days. It’s time for new plans and goals – everything seems possible and you feel the optimism like a wave along the river Seine. I do not literally have a new backpack filled with sharp new pencils and exercise books, but mentally and emotionally I do.

We’re kicking off the “New Year” with our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” to be held on September 11-13, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris.

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Secure your seat for the Center’s 8th Forum in Paris – early-bird registration ends August 13

Summer is in full swing and most of us have left the big cities to breathe some fresh air and relax in the countryside. The Italians call it “la villegiatura” – going to the country villages, ideally their summer homes. Germans call it “Sommerfrische” which denotes the recovery time of townies and their “Landlust” (desire for the countryside) in summer since the 19th century. Whether you stay in town or pursue la villegiatura below are a few more reads for you before getting back to work.

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Come and join us in Paris in September – secure your seat at the early-bird rate! Inspirational summer reads included

As you might be taking off for summer I’d like to share some summer reads with you below as well as food for thought & action on our upcoming forum. Today the spotlight is on Ralf Däinghaus, CEO of medAspis and founder and former CEO of docmorris who we are excited to welcome to our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” to be held on September 11-13, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris. In his keynote he will talk about how he balanced customer needs, market opportunity and regulatory challenges when he was founding Europe’s first online pharmacy. What was perceived by traditional pharmacies as a nuisance as it disrupted traditionally well-established delivery channels turned out to revolutionize drug provision in Europe.

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Sneak Preview Kaiser Permanente’s Business Cases – Insights from a start-up leader – Secure your seat for Paris in September!

Time is limited – allocating our personal and financial resources is key. Whether you are running a business, a household or your own show you might have found yourself in the situation of reflection whether you should dedicate more time to increase the available resources (“make money”) or manage the existing budget and take care of operations (“manage your business”). If you’re raising funds for a healthcare start-up this means balancing interests between shareholders and the constraints of a start-up reality. We are excited that Angelo Moesslang, CEO of InGeneron, Boston, will provide insights into his daily business life in his keynote.

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Welcoming Spectrum Therapeutics as a sponsor of the Center’s 8th Global Business Forum in Paris, announcing new sessions and speakers – come and join us!

Have you recently gone somewhere where you have never been? Have you talked to somebody who gave you a new perspective? Acquired new knowledge that changed your perception? I went to Odense, Denmark, recently to visit a greenhouse. As a hobby gardener and German quality aficionado I learned that quality standards in our Northern European neighbor country are even higher and stricter. No pesticides. No artificial anything. Chapeau!

The plants being cultivated in the beautiful countryside of Odense are cannabis plants. Since we have been researching the medical applications of cannabis for the past year, we were interested in visiting one of the major producers and were impressed. For us medical cannabis is one innovation among other drugs, devices and management approaches in healthcare. Therefore, we invited Spectrum Therapeutics to join our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” to be held on September 11-13, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris and are very excited that they will become a sponsor of our Annual Forum.

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[PERSPECTIVE BY @katharinajanus & @HCMatColumbia UPDATE] Cultural sensitivity in market strategy development, 8th Forum agenda news, press & upcoming conferences

Alia iacta est – the die is cast. Europe has voted and we have a result. Landscapes are shifting, old-established values and parties are challenged (again) for the betterment of Europe’s future. And while dices will continue to be shuffled around, the future is here to stay. Who is that future and how are we going to design it responsibly? I ask “who” because it will be a people-driven movement that has already unfolded as we see well-established parties losing importance and those gaining ground that respond to future norms and values such as protecting an environment we can live in healthy & happily. I ask “how” because I experience recently that the face-to-face exchange regains importance in multi-cultural contexts. People talk to each other again.

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Katharina Janus: The global healthcare domain expert

Thanks to Medef Paris for this article and the warm welcome:
You can download the original French version here.

Katharina Janus, the global healthcare domain expert, has set up her base camp in Paris. She is specialized in three areas of expertise: the development of strategies for large multinationals, the organization of professional encounters and conferences, and healthcare market access in many countries. In conversation with Katharina Janus, president of the Center for Healthcare Management.

Do you prefer to be called Ms. Manager or Madame Professor?

Today a successful professor always has to have the qualities of a good manager, but not every manager necessarily has to become a professor. So, I prefer Madame Professor which I believe I became as a result of my creation of new knowledge while always pursuing applied research that has value in practice and for the betterment of people’s care.

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[PERSPECTIVE BY @katharinajanus] On Europe: a thought that needs to become a feeling

As I am preparing to hold a conference in London next week I am getting increasingly sentimental and rational at the same time. Brexit has not even seen its aftermath – we are dealing with the before and ever continuing situation of turmoil in which a bank transfer from France can easily take a week if it is executed at all, and then only in Euro because wiring British Pound has become – it seems – like wiring Renminbi. We’re on the best way back to medieval age and European leaders are happily sailing towards doomsday. When leaders don’t know any more raise your voice: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” said Margaret Mead, a 20th century role-model and character. She was both a student of civilization and an exemplar of it. To a public of millions, she brought the central insight of cultural anthropology: that varying cultural patterns express an underlying human unity.

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