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As I’m writing my Christmas letter the night of winter solstice and in the light of a still very bright almost full moon, I can’t help but be optimistic that as the days are getting longer again the world will find a common sense of operation. This maybe utterly forward-looking while governments are discussing next lockdowns and we do not know what kind of sense or direction exactly the world is taking, but the truth is: we must find that modus operandi and adjust our expectations because this pandemic will not be the last one and there exist other more unmanageable challenges to tackle such as the climate crisis for which there will be no “vaccine” but a fundamental change of human behavior and operating procedures will be required. We are all in this together for good.

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[PERSPECTIVE by @katharinajanus] A new chapter – see beyond

Last Christmas I got a kitchen towel as a gift which said “2020 will be the year” – what was meant as a positive encouraging message for good news to come turned into a rather eventful and world-changing year in which rapid response to the unexpected became the rule for many of us.

Would you have sailed with Columbus or rather waited for the review on TripAdvisor first? There was no review or fallback plan for what we experienced this year. We were ripped out of our thought-to-be-safe and secured context and thrown right onto the Santa Maria. We were asked to navigate, quickly realizing that we can control ship and sail, but not wind and waves. But we worked with what we had. And it is in these moments of storm and perpetual crisis that we find out what we are able to accomplish and excel at.

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[PERSPECTIVE by @katharinajanus] On freedom confinement, and angst

On Sunday I did my first train ride with a mask, on Monday I got on the last flight to escape from Paris to the country side before lockdown which happened on Tuesday. How the world has changed just within two weeks or even 48 hours…

Two developments have shaken the world over the last 12 months: firstly, the urge to finally become aware of how we treat our planet, our context in a larger sense if we intend to live here for a while and leave something for next generations – the climate crisis. Secondly, – the necessity and, so far, helplessness to manage a virus of an unknown kind that threatens human health – the coronavirus crisis. The big difference: the climate crisis is less immediate, effects will not be felt by those who are making decisions today, but by their children, whereas the coronavirus crisis is real-time action happening in front of our eyes. The non-response to the abuse and impact on our context and at the same time the action (although delayed) to an immediate threat to the human race is easily explained by the classical insurance phenomenon. Why spend money on something or make sacrifices to take precaution for an event in the future that might or might not occur and potentially not affect the actor who has expenses or reduced welfare as he or she is taking precautions for such an insecure future event?

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[PERSPECTIVE by @katharinajanus] The best present is to be present

Do you dare to make a wish? Yes, a wish. A desire or hope for something you are not sure that you will get it or that it will happen. Unconditional. Forward-looking. No back-up. Your personal wish.
I’ve been thinking about this lately as a great year comes to an end and the holiday season is in full swing. At least in the Western world we live in a time in which many wishes get fulfilled – it almost feels like an “entitlement” when you listen to children negotiating Christmas presents with their parents and threatening to move out if they do not get the newest iphone… it used to be magic to make a wish list, dreams and desires that grew from personal needs and experiences instead of complying with a status-driven adulthood society that is in constant fear of missing out (so-called FOMO).

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Building Bridges in 2020 through forums, dialogue and training

The Center’s 8th Business Forum is happy history – thanks to our sponsors, speakers, participants, a great team, a beautiful venue, food for thought and delight. You will see many happy faces because it is with joy and passion that ideas and knowledge are exchanged among people. Some impressions of what it felt like to be there are online:
Virtual Broadcasting

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Launching the Center’s 8th Global Business Forum today

The last two weeks flew by with preparations for our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” and inspiring meetings with our global partners in Germany, the US and Switzerland. New Focused Forums in Madrid, Los Angeles and New York are on our horizon while leaves are starting to fall in the City of Lights and summer sun is still enlightening our spirits.

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Start the New Year with our 8th Global Forum in Paris – Only very few spots left!

Vive la rentrée – back to school – in France. I hope you enjoyed your summer time; you’re recharged, revitalized with new ideas, new thoughts… It’s a bit like a New Years Day, but a much better one that does not take place in cold and grey January. In September, we still get some warm and sunny days. It’s time for new plans and goals – everything seems possible and you feel the optimism like a wave along the river Seine. I do not literally have a new backpack filled with sharp new pencils and exercise books, but mentally and emotionally I do.

We’re kicking off the “New Year” with our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” to be held on September 11-13, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris.

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Secure your seat for the Center’s 8th Forum in Paris – early-bird registration ends August 13

Summer is in full swing and most of us have left the big cities to breathe some fresh air and relax in the countryside. The Italians call it “la villegiatura” – going to the country villages, ideally their summer homes. Germans call it “Sommerfrische” which denotes the recovery time of townies and their “Landlust” (desire for the countryside) in summer since the 19th century. Whether you stay in town or pursue la villegiatura below are a few more reads for you before getting back to work.

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Come and join us in Paris in September – secure your seat at the early-bird rate! Inspirational summer reads included

As you might be taking off for summer I’d like to share some summer reads with you below as well as food for thought & action on our upcoming forum. Today the spotlight is on Ralf Däinghaus, CEO of medAspis and founder and former CEO of docmorris who we are excited to welcome to our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” to be held on September 11-13, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris. In his keynote he will talk about how he balanced customer needs, market opportunity and regulatory challenges when he was founding Europe’s first online pharmacy. What was perceived by traditional pharmacies as a nuisance as it disrupted traditionally well-established delivery channels turned out to revolutionize drug provision in Europe.

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Sneak Preview Kaiser Permanente’s Business Cases – Insights from a start-up leader – Secure your seat for Paris in September!

Time is limited – allocating our personal and financial resources is key. Whether you are running a business, a household or your own show you might have found yourself in the situation of reflection whether you should dedicate more time to increase the available resources (“make money”) or manage the existing budget and take care of operations (“manage your business”). If you’re raising funds for a healthcare start-up this means balancing interests between shareholders and the constraints of a start-up reality. We are excited that Angelo Moesslang, CEO of InGeneron, Boston, will provide insights into his daily business life in his keynote.

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