August 7, 2019 HCMatColumbia

Secure your seat for the Center’s 8th Forum in Paris – early-bird registration ends August 13

Summer is in full swing and most of us have left the big cities to breathe some fresh air and relax in the countryside. The Italians call it “la villegiatura” – going to the country villages, ideally their summer homes. Germans call it “Sommerfrische” which denotes the recovery time of townies and their “Landlust” (desire for the countryside) in summer since the 19th century. Whether you stay in town or pursue la villegiatura below are a few more reads for you before getting back to work.

Paris is empty these days, but beautiful as always. And we are busy preparing our 8th Global Business Forum “Money and people – the currencies of healthcare” to be held on September 11-13, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris. On the occasion of the 8th Forum we will also disclose findings and insights of a multi-country research report and implementation guide that provides a generic approach to a pan-European classification of medical cannabis. In the jungle of definitions and siloed conclusions it is paramount to create a forward-looking framework for the next innovation in patient care.
Early-bird registration ends August 13 and spots are now limited. Secure your seat to save 30% (subject to availability) to be part of this discussion among global leaders. If you would like to join us for the evening event on September 11 only and/or bring a guest please contact us to reserve. The individual rate is € 50 per person including buffet, unlimited wine and soft drinks. At this occasion you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a sneak preview of my upcoming art show “Body and light” which will run from December 6-20 in Paris. Bronze body sculptures will be on display to complement the kitchen’s inspiration of your senses.

Please check out the agenda and let us know if you’d like to join as an individual or with colleagues from your organization. As healthcare paradigms are shifting new strategies and players are entering the market. Be prepared!
The Forum – now in its 8th year – has been conceived to help the world’s top healthcare executives seize the moment. Previous participants rave about the interactive, content-rich and personal experience:
Executives are invited personally and represent all stakeholder perspectives. The total number of participants is limited to ensure effective networking and matchmaking opportunities in a confidential setting. About 50% of participants join us from the United States, 40% from Europe and about 10% from Asia and the Middle East.

This is not a classical conference – our fans point out that it is a unique space for interaction of a range of different people from around the world who reconnect after the meeting and on an ongoing basis because the discussions they had at our forum lifted topics to a higher level. It is also the collegial environment and the ability to think freely that makes this forum different from the usual commercial ventures. At our forums we are “thinking together to reap results.” Please read about our past forums and contact us if you would like to join

and others as a partner of the forum. We offer the following sponsorship opportunities. We are looking forward to talking with you about how we can put a package together that meets your needs & exceeds your expectations. If a partnership is not feasible for you at the moment, come and join us as an individual to get a taste of our forum.

Space is limited and participation by invitation only. You may contact us directly at to request your personal registration. Individual registration including meals and materials is € 995. Attend the 8th Forum with your organization to identify new trends and incorporate them into future products and strategies necessary for success in a market of shifting US and EU priorities.

Please stay tuned for any updates @HCMatColumbia and @katharinajanus!

More summer reads in the order they came to my mind:

  • “The book of idle pleasures” by Tom Hodgkinson because every little pleasure makes you smile,
  • “Summer crossing” by Truman Capote because it is “so New York” and the story of the manuscript’s discovery as fascinating as the mastery of Capote`s writing,
  • “La magie du manuscript” by TASCHEN because it is awe-inspiring to reflect on the beauty and power of hand-written documents in history,
  • “The culture map” by Erin Meyer because cultural experience counts,
  • “The enlightened capitalists: cautionary tales of business pioneers who tried to do well by doing good” by James O’Toole because it can pay off to be a do-gooder,
  • “Über den Anstand in schwierigen Zeiten und die Frage, wie wir miteinander umgehen” by Axel Hacke because it makes you think and (maybe) act differently.