On January 29-30, 2015 at the Capital Residence of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation in Berlin, the 4th Forum on Health Policy & Management brought together a hand-picked circle of industry experts, government decision-makers and leading academics from around the globe to review innovation in healthcare from various perspectives and explore implications for implementation on the provider and payer side.

Coverage included multiple innovation, implementation and cross-national perspectives, such as:

  • Medical and technological innovation – how can we put international best practices into a national/organizational context?
  • What’s the impact of (economic) evaluation of technologies? Can health policy and management enable innovation and if so, how?
  • How do incentives such as pay-for-performance play out on the ground? What’s the secret for implementing value-based payment in policy and practice?
  • What are the optimal skill mix of providers and what kind of incentives should be employed to support their performance?
  • Will care coordination and clinical integration of various pieces along the value chain become reality in the future, taking limited budgets and cultural dynamics into account?
  • What could a framework to assess the impact of innovation look like? Is there an optimal recipe for getting things done on the “ground floor”?
  • Will big data help us solve the clinical integration conundrum and enable the monitoring of the effects of implementation for entire populations?

The Forum’s innovative approach of convening and conferencing ensures a deep insight and return on participants’ time spent with the group of experts and like-minded knowledge-seekers from around the globe. It features keynotes; panels, keynote “chats” and structured roundtables, providing attendees with the connections, tools and strategies for producing actionable results in their practice. For more information please consult the agenda, FAQs and our distinguished faculty line-up (Updates via twitter @HCMatColumbia as well as on the Health Affairs blog).

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