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We are a global research organization and knowledge platform provider.

Founded in 2010 by Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus the Center for Healthcare Management is located in Paris, France (for the European, Asian and the Middle Eastern markets) and at Columbia University, New York, for the Americas (@HCMatColumbia).
The Center is a global organization of leading international scholars and practitioners beyond the core team of analysts and strategists. It’s focus is on healthcare management projects as well as offering tailor-made executive training to maximize performance.
Because we care about making healthcare systems more efficient and improving organizational performance we call our global network of expert consultants the Care-Tank, merging think-tanks and do-tanks.
The Center for Healthcare Management organizes forums in various cities around the world. Driven by the need for intellectual innovation and knowledge cultivation the Center invested in a novel approach to create an interactive platform for exchange.

Do you intend to enter four markets at the same time?

Do you have global experts on your team and lack local domain expertise?

Do you wonder how to get your middle management on board during times of change?

Do you look for executive training that is prestigious and tailored to your business needs?

Prof. Janus and her team of international experts provided us with a unique mix of customized scientific analysis and hands-on implementation advice for our global strategic endeavors. It has become the sole go-to research organization for us and is imperative to our international success.
Eytan Alpern, Managing Partner, Advanced Medical Reviews, Los Angeles, USA



Katharina Janus

Founder & Managing Director

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Michael Sparer

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Walter Kopp

Special Advisor

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Thomas Rundall

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Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown

Special Advisor

I highly appreciated the openness and positive tone along the meeting, which I left with a sense of partnering with the right institution, and look forward to a strengthened cooperation.
Oriol Lacorte, General Manager Iberia, Zimmer Biomet, Barcelona, Spain

About Our Work

We aspire to conduct research that matters in practice. We are inspired by true discovery and driven by curiosity. What we learn we pass on. With the purpose to make a difference.

Applied research

Management research has traditionally been driven by real-world phenomena. It doesn’t happen in a lab, rather it has to prove its applicability and return-on-investment in practice. For this reason, we do not rely solely on secondary data sources to assess phenomena, rather we complement these secondary sources through in-depth interviews with key decision-makers who carry out the day-to-day operations in healthcare organizations.


We walk outside the beaten research path to understand and evaluate management phenomena in healthcare organizations: enlighten and cherish instead of publish or perish. Questioning instead of confirming hypotheses is our mantra. To facilitate the journey to innovative insights we employ various methods. Drawing a picture of reality for you is key for us – the wow effect for you is guaranteed.


Reinventing research entails new methods of distribution and implementation. We rely on our global network of experts, self-publishing and social media to share with you what we learn. You can consume and contribute at your discretion. If you get involved, you have a say. And we’ll spread the knowledge around the world. We collaborate with ENJOY STRATEGY – a consulting network – to help you with the implementation of research findings.

Targeted delivery

Learning something new that matters to you and your organizational performance is key for future survival. The essence of original research is to experience the joy of discovery again – bearing clearly defined objectives in mind. Curiosity fuels our motivation; a streamlined project management sets the framework. Managing expertise for your research purposes is at our core. We aspire to make this process effective and practical.
These are really fundamental issues of how do we organize, how do we put the resources in the right places and what can we expect in results. So the Center’s work addresses a very practical immediate need for the changes in our system and for us to understand how we can play the corporate role in implementing these changes.
Ron Kuerbitz, former CEO of Fresenius Medical Care North America/ now CEO of agilon health, Long Beach, USA


Research that informs your strategy

Our offers in this area relate to the classical analytical assessment of new technologies and also include complex interventions as well as innovative care management approaches.

  • We offer expert assessments and evaluations. These can be related to traditional effectiveness studies and the generation of real-world-evidence.
  • Our market access and product analytics serve as a basis for strategy building.
  • We also conduct innovative Center-initiated research on underlying constructs of client relationships, such as loyalty, trust, satisfaction, and commercial friendships.
  • As a preparatory step for strategy projects we also evaluate stakeholder relationships, underlying power structures and incentive schemes.
  • Implementation strategies based on evaluations will be supported by the consulting network ENJOY STRATEGY.

Education that gets people on board

We provide tailor-made executive education programs that are designed according to your organization’s needs and strategic purposes.

  • We offer a range of courses related to macro-level healthcare market phenomena as well as micro-level management classes.
  • Modules include an overview of a particular or several markets and sessions on management tools.
  • The core piece can be related to and based on your strategy or strategic change. We develop it jointly and will use your business case to get the message to your people.
  • If desired your program can include a Columbia University certificate. Contact us to discuss details and to receive an overview of sample classes.

Access to a global network of experts

Our unique network of global experts enables us to offer country-specific domain expertise in healthcare management when implementing best practices cross-nationally and on-site.

  • Better manage the health (and risks) of entire populations by relating changes in outcomes to provider incentives.
  • Annual Forums convene the network to work on topics that matter and develop directions for the future.
  • Study trips, courses and mini-forums allow you to meet experts in their or your environment. Contact us to get started.

Inspiration beyond the ordinary

Our research and educational framework crosses borders – countries, professions, industries – and provides a unique quality and depth of knowledge through meaningful conversations.

  • Research that covers themes beyond the ordinary. We conduct research that is not financed by traditional ways of funding.
  • Education that relates to your strategy and issues that matter. We tailor a program based on your needs.
  • Forums in a non-conventional format. Our forums follow a reverse-conferencing format that inspires new thoughts instead of reproducing existing knowledge.
  • Study trips around the world to learn about healthcare systems, cultures and countries. Experience the history and change abroad.
I just get knowledge that I didn’t otherwise have and I get a chance to share knowledge with people who are interested in what I’ve got to say about our experiences at Kaiser Permanente.
Murray Ross, VP of the Institute for Health Policy, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, USA


The Center for Healthcare Management organizes forums in cities around the world, using an interactive approach that relies on real-time and team-based content capturing and evaluation supported by various moderation and visualization techniques. Conversations and interactive panels allow participants to learn from each other and compare notes. The acquired knowledge and insights lead to fresh and promising approaches to longstanding and unresolved challenges in healthcare management.

1st Forum

1st Forum

On June 23 and 24, 2011 the 1st Forum on Health Policy & Management brought together national and international leaders from academia and practice in a “care-tank”, merging the ideas of “think-tanks” and “do-tanks”. Through the forum presentations, group discussions and networking opportunities we established working relationships for ongoing efforts to use management research to build better healthcare systems.
2nd Forum

2nd Forum

The Krupp-Foundation/German Scholars Organization and Columbia University New York invited selected national and international leaders to discuss latest scientific management knowledge and experiences from practice with respect to “Designing the next healthcare system – Science meets practice.” Participants had the opportunity to interact with leaders from industry and science in a roundtable format.
3rd Forum

3rd Forum

The Center held its 3rd U.S. Forum on Health Policy & Management: Pressing Cross-National Issues, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Policy and the Center for Healthcare Management in Germany, on Friday, May 16, 2014. The interactive approach of the discussion roundtables gave participants the opportunity to contribute their perspective in an interdisciplinary approach.
4th Forum

4th Forum

On January 29-30, 2015 at the Capital Residence of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation in Berlin, the 4th Forum on Health Policy & Management brought together a hand-picked circle of industry experts, government decision-makers and leading academics to review innovation in healthcare from various perspectives and explore implications for implementation on the provider and payer side. The Forum’s innovative approach of convening and conferencing ensured a deep insight and return on participants’ time spent with like-minded knowledge-seekers.
5th Forum

5th Forum

Hosted by Katharina Janus of the Center for Healthcare Management at Columbia University, Alan Weil of Health Affairs, and Bernadette Klapper of the Robert Bosch Stiftung the 5th Forum was held June 9-10, 2016 at the Capital Residence of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Berlin on “Learning from each other – scaling ideas up to the next level”. Crossing boundaries to include various perspectives and different takes on how to change cultures and behaviors when being faced with common strategic and operational challenges was at the core of the 5th Forum.
6th Forum

6th Forum

Hosted by the Center for Healthcare Management the 6th Forum was held April 24/25, 2017 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris, France. Market access and product bundling are facing reimbursement challenges in all markets with changing payment mechanisms, regulations and the impact of new governments and economics. Healthcare leaders from around the world attended the 6th Forum to identify new trends and incorporate them into future products and strategies necessary for success in a market of shifting US and European Union priorities.

Your Individual Forum - get a taste of the Center's approach

Can’t wait for the Center’s next Forum? We’ll come to your premises and design your own, using our unique approach and methodology. Our in-house forums allow us to focus on specific issues related to your organization and explore current examples from your work environment. We will explore solutions and develop a forward-looking vision about what your business will look like ten years from now.

The Center’s Forum was a fantastic platform to meet with national and international leaders, and to discuss best practices for overcoming challenges. It was also an excellent opportunity to discuss the larger discourses that underlie these topics, such as access to healthcare as a whole.
Peter M. Fleischut, SVP and Chief Transformation Officer at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, USA

7th Forum

The Center’s 7th Forum “Strategy in times of change” was held on September 12-14, 2018 at the Columbia University Global Center in Paris.

After Hamburg, Washington DC (in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente), Berlin (sponsored by the Bosch Foundation and further multinationals), and Paris we returned to Columbia University’s Global Center.

The Forum is designed for global executives in healthcare business and strategy to discuss the latest developments, challenges and opportunities shaping the industry. Working hand-in-hand with leading thinkers from around the world, the event provides attendees with an ideal forum for networking as well as rigorous analysis and foresight.

This year’s topic looked at “strategy in times of change” and consider macro topics and global trends in the industry as well as micro issues such as employee engagement strategies on the shop floor as they are related to health information technology and artificial intelligence. On the journey from the bird’s eye perspective to the life inside healthcare organizations the assessment of effective demand in global markets is crucial. The Forum – now in its 7th year – has been conceived to help the world’s top healthcare executives seize the moment. Previous participants rave about the interactive, content-rich and personal experience:

The draft agenda is online.

You can read about our past forums and learn more about what global thought leaders who attended think about our style of conferencing.

Executives are invited personally and represent all stakeholder perspectives. The total number of participants is limited to ensure effective networking and matchmaking opportunities in a confidential setting. About 50% of participants join us from the United States, 40% from Europe and about 10% from Asia and the Middle East.

This year we were excited to welcome SCOR global reinsurance and also ALLIANZ private health insurance as a new gold sponsor of the Forum; Medimpact, a leading pharmaceutical benefits provider in the United States, as a new silver sponsor and Morgan Consulting Resources and Laboratoires Prodene Klint S.A. as new bronze sponsors. The department of health policy and management of Columbia University New York sponsored the drinks for our reception and my consulting network ENJOY STRATEGY Germany sponsored the flying buffet.







Please save the date for the Center’s 8th Business Forum in Paris, France, on September 11 – 13, 2019.

If you wish to become a partner of the next Forum please inquire regarding at Attend the 8th Forum with your organization to identify new trends and incorporate them into future products and strategies necessary for success in a market of shifting US and EU priorities.

More on the 8th Forum follows soon – stay tuned @HCMatColumbiaTo get a taste of the Forum take a look at our virtual broadcasting:

It’s this wonderful opportunity to learn from others and compare notes and not be spoken to but to listen and share.
Walter Kopp, President, Medical Management Services, San Anselmo, USA

Happy clients of the forum

This kind of conference is practical for us. It provides ideas how we organize ourselves to deliver on all three of those missions, i.e. the science level, the application of innovation in a pragmatic way and the ability to create models and systems of care delivery that allow this to be scaled across an international set of boundaries.
Frank Maddux, CMO Fresenius Medical Care North America, Waltham, USA


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