December 14, 2015 HCMatColumbia

Transforming the healthcare of women with disabilities

The Center for Healthcare Management was invited to support a PCORI-sponsored workshop on “Transforming the healthcare of women with disabilities” by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation on December 5 and 6, 2015 in Washington D.C.

Professors Brown, Janus, and Roye applied the Center’s moderation technique to facilitate discussions around the healthcare of women with disabilities. They were supported by experts Joseph Dutkowsky, Rachel Byrne, and Tracy Picker of the cerebral palsy foundation who served as table hosts, leading discussions around gynecological, reproductive, and breast care. Another topic revolved around adolescent health.

While it is common sense that the healthcare needs of disabled women are the same as those of non-disabled woman the shortfalls in care, empathy, respect and proficiency on the provider side are striking. Common themes across all roundtable discussions therefore revolved around how to “open the door” to better communication on the provider side (educate the provider), but also how to enable the patient to address inappropriate care/behavior in patient-provider communication (educate the patient). Standards of care as well as related incentives to address these issues and reduce barriers to care were discussed as well.

Based on the results of the workshop the Cerebral Palsy Foundation will now review objectives for phase two of the project. For more information please visit: