April 25, 2016 HCMatColumbia

Looking over the horizon – the 5th German rapid recovery symposium set new standards of care in orthopedics

Leading experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland convened in Vienna to discuss their experiences and best practices when implementing rapid recovery in their settings. Crossing professional boundaries and the management of professional routines in an increasingly complex medical environment were at the top of the agenda. How data collection and analysis contributes to connected healthcare approaches was explored with respect to future directions in terms of a holistic approach to care management in orthopedic surgery.

Professor Janus was invited to moderate the event and held the keynote speech. Thanks to Zimmer Biomet for inviting us, and the Orthopedic Hospital in Speising, Austria, for being a perfect host! And a big thanks to Prof. Dominkus and his team for the perfect coffee à la Viennoise.