July 27, 2016 HCMatColumbia

Wrapping up the 5th Forum – Results are online

After last month’s Forum we draw a balance and are proud to hear that attendees are raving about our event “Excellent content! Incomparable to other seminars or forums”. It makes us happy to see that rethinking conferencing is worth the effort and in high demand. Getting back to face-to-face communication seems to be well appreciated by the healthcare industry & beyond.

We are excited that right after the Forum ZimmerBiomet upgraded its membership to platinum status and look forward to an intensified collaboration over the next couple of months. We plan to release a call for new members after Labor Day. You may contact us beforehand if you would like to receive related information upfront.

While the topic of this year’s Forum was entitled “Learning from each other – Scaling ideas up to the next level” the underlying concern and impetus of the participants was how to use that knowledge to design the delivery system of the future.

With temperatures reaching peaks summer is officially in order. In Europe, the tradition is to take off for a summer retreat – called “Sommerfrische”, la villegiatura, la villégiature. I hope you all get a chance to follow this tradition – it’s time to relax, recharge, and reflect in the summer shade.

Thanks again for joining us in the past or the future. For more information or updates: stay tuned @HCMatColumbia!

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Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus
Director of the Center for Healthcare Management, Germany, and Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

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