December 11, 2015 HCMatColumbia

We are not alone: how are other jurisdictions managing change?

Prof. Janus was invited to speak at the Canada 2020 Healthcare Summit: Creating a Sustainable Healthcare System for Canada on December 1, 2015 at Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier.

In her presentation, she stated that frequently change is not managed actively. “We try to rule, react, and then realize that change happens when we don’t expect it and that we expect change when it does not happen.” Juxtaposing theory and practice Prof. Janus demanded for better communication between policy and management as well as among stakeholders before a new framework is established. The lack of funding for qualitative market research frequently prevents this proceeding. However, (qualitative) stories, not science, explain the world – a humanistic note in approaching policy reform. If money for interventions flows in the right direction these stories can spread the world and help on the implementation side.

As policymakers struggle to manage a complex system of healthcare in Canada, new and sometimes controversial models are emerging – both supported and disrupted by new technologies and a rapidly aging population.

This invite-only conference spanned two-days and feature keynotes, panel, networking and discussions about the different models, technologies, forces and trends shaping Canada’s healthcare system. For more information vsisit: