April 18, 2017 HCMatColumbia

The Center’s 6th Forum on market access in Paris – Stage warm-up

Next week we’ll kick off our 6th Forum: “Worldwide expert meeting on challenges to market access, strategic development and life sciences partnerships” to be held April 24/25, 2017 at the Columbia Global Center in Paris, France. To get a sneak preview on our interactive approach and to learn more about our selected leader Forum check out what former participants say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fhcfbSPPmY. It gives me great pleasure to provide you with final updates – whether you are preparing to attend or to follow us remotely.

The 6th Forum features prominent keynote speakers on the following topics:

  • Expert perspectives on global economics and the impact on market access and foreign direct investments in Europe
  • Access to health care innovation – challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives

Keynote panels and interactive discussions will deal with:

  • Global health policy and reimbursement issues – insights into system level coverage challenges and opportunities
  • Strategic investment in tactical times – will innovation suffer?
  • Market access considerations from all stakeholder perspectives
  • Developing a roadmap for market access in a particular country
  • Strategic partnerships – moving to integrated solutions and flexing that muscle
  • The impact of nationalism on market access and health policy – outlook, scenarios and global perspectives

The Center’s team will facilitate the development of a roadmap for market access as part of an interactive workshop and panel discussion, including the following steps:

  • Market assessment – Defining the framework for action
  • Product Analytics – Generating and merging existing and new evidence while acknowledging the complexity of today’s healthcare markets
  • Strategic planning – Designing a road map for market access
  • On-site implementation – Executing of a comprehensive market access plan

The line-up of prominent speakers is now final and we are warming up the stage. Please see the featured faculty and agenda for further information.

The Forum is by invitation only and specifically designed to allow participants to exchange ideas and explore collaborative efforts in a confidential setting. Market access and product bundling are facing reimbursement challenges in all markets with changing payment mechanisms, regulations and the impact of new governments and economics. Attend the 6th Forum to identify new trends and incorporate them into future products and strategies necessary for success in a market of shifting US and EU priorities.

The global event features top academics, industry leaders, and healthcare providers, leading CEOs and other experts who will share cutting-edge insights and hands-on case studies. Generic approaches will be developed and discussed in a closed environment that allows participants to bring in their own experiences and to take home hands-on results.

Space is limited and participation by invitation only – if you would like to apply for participation please email us at info@centerforhealthcaremanagement.org. If you or your organization would like to become a partner of the Forum we gladly discuss tailor-made sponsoring opportunities as well. Please contact me directly at janus@centerforhealthcaremanagement.org. On behalf of our organizing committee, I hope you can join our circle of selected healthcare leaders.

We’ll tweet about the Forum @HCMatColumbia #6thforum – stay tuned or join the crowd!