March 8, 2016 HCMatColumbia

Thanks for the invite to speak at Zimmer Biomet’s global leadership meeting in Orlando, FL, USA – 300 leaders will be catalysts of change

For the first time after the merger Zimmer Biomet convened all its global leaders. Prof. Janus was invited to speak on a panel together with Gail Boudreaux, (Former Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare and Zimmer Biomet board member and former Chief Executive Officer of UnitedHealthcare), Eric Dalton (Vice President, Clinical Program Development, Tanner Health System), Thomas Donaldson, M.D. (Empire Orthopedic Center, Colton, Cal.), Bob Hopkins (Managing Director of Equity Research, BofA Merrill Lynch), and Deborah Lee (Patient Advocate, Baltimore, Maryland).

While we’ve seen many changes in the healthcare system over the past several years and there has been much speculation and discussion regarding changes still to come the panel discussed how the current pace of change compares to historical levels of change. In this context, incremental change was opposed to real transformation in healthcare delivery.

Further topics circled around patient outcomes data that will play an increasingly important role in improving clinical outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction levels and lowering healthcare costs across healthcare. How to add value to this process was a major concern of the panel.

Strategy-wise, the move from services to solutions played a major role, taking a holistic perspective on how to respond to a challenging and ever changing healthcare landscape. Lastly, the panel explored a possible journey into the future and drew pictures of a potential healthcare landscape to keep in mind as stakeholders prepare for change.

Oriol Lacorte, VP of Commercial Operations EMEA, was very happy with Prof. Janus contribution: “I wanted to send a message of appreciation for accepting our invitation to the panel and for complementing comments from both a systematic global and also a European perspective where needed. The words CHANGE and VALUE were frequently used and I look forward to working with the Center for Healthcare Management in identifying the right questions to answer and how Zimmer Biomet can be both an orchestrator and a catalyst of discussions to advance in value based Orthopedics.”