August 12, 2015 katharina.janus

Save-the-date for our 2016 Forum in Berlin

Please save the date for our 5th Forum, to be held on June 8-10, 2016 at the Capital Residence of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation in Berlin, on “Learning from each other – scaling ideas up to the next level”. For the first time, we will invite thought leaders from industries other than healthcare to join the dialogue in order to move beyond conceptualization to action. Crossing boundaries to include various perspectives and different takes on how to change cultures and behaviors when being faced with common strategic and operational challenges will be at the core of our 5th Forum. For more information, please see an overview of topics in the draft agenda. We are proud to welcome Health Affairs as our content sponsor already for the second time and the editor-in-chief, Alan Weil, in person at our 5th Forum!

The Center’s annual Forum is a global event that brings together three communities of practice: academics, industry leaders, and healthcare providers. The Forum is specifically designed to allow participants to cross-fertilize ideas and visions thanks to the interactive format. While we need and acknowledge the importance of traditional conference formats, our annual forums & related membership activities are directed towards the future and differ as follows:

  • The Forum is not about the healthcare industry today, but it is oriented towards defining how the industry will look like in ten years and developing a forward-looking vision and roadmap to improve the organization, financing, and delivery of healthcare.
  • PowerPoint slides are a useful medium to describe data, events, and processes, but they also can inhibit valuable communication among people. We seek to encourage active dialogue among global leaders to brainstorm about tomorrow’s world. Therefore, PowerPoints are not allowed at our Forum, and people talk to each other face-to-face, moderated by our experts.
  • Our learning community is not about selling your products for today, but your ideas for tomorrow. Diverse leaders from various countries who face the same challenges share their experiences on a personal level and work jointly on solutions.

What’s new this time?

In May, we launched our Global Institute that will handle all our member services and forums in the future. If you would like to gain access to the Center’s knowledge resources and archives only please join us as an individual member by registering in our member area. Members will receive a discount on the registration for the annual Forum, which opens in September. Please note that you have to be a member to be eligible for the discount.

The Center’s Global Institute also offers corporate memberships at different levels (platinum, gold, silver, bronze) that include a more comprehensive set of benefits throughout the year as well as a certain number of annual Forum registrations. We are only taking on a limited number of sponsors & members to keep our interaction at a personal level and ensure equal representation of stakeholder perspectives. Please indicate your interest by the end of August to be considered also for the agenda of the 5th Forum. I welcome the opportunity to chat with you in more detail about how a potential package best fits your organizational needs.

Thanks again for joining us in the past or the future. More on our 2016 Forum follows soon – stay tuned @HCMatColumbia!

Best wishes for a sunny and joyful summertime,

Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus
Director of the Center for Healthcare Management, Germany, and Columbia University, New York, NY, USA