October 26, 2015 HCMatColumbia

Registration now open for the Center’s 5th Forum in Berlin

As the leaves are turning we have been busy welcoming new members to the Center for Healthcare Management. The first round of new organizational membership agreements is now closed. However, you may indicate your interest to become a member for the second round by the end of December 2015. I welcome the opportunity to chat with you in more detail about how a potential package best fits your organizational needs.

Together with our new members, we are now shaping the agenda of our 5th Forum, to be held on June 8-10, 2016 at the Capital Residence of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation in Berlin, on “Learning from each other – scaling ideas up to the next level”. For the first time, we will invite thought leaders from industries other than healthcare to join the dialogue in order to move beyond conceptualization to action. Crossing boundaries to include various perspectives and different takes on how to change cultures and behaviors when being faced with common strategic and operational challenges will be at the core of our 5th Forum. We are proud to welcome Health Affairs as our content sponsor already for the second time and the editor-in-chief, Alan Weil, in person at our 5th Forum!

Several health policy experts and industry leaders attend our Forums, such as Bruce Fried, a managing partner in Denton’s Health Care practice (former Head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)). Bruce commented that the Forum “is not a trade show… it really is thought leaders from across the world… having an opportunity to have a dialogue with each other.” Please join us for the Center’s 5th annual Forum that brings together three communities of practice: academics, industry leaders, and healthcare providers. The Forum is specifically designed to allow participants to cross-fertilize ideas and visions thanks to the interactive format.

Space is limited and participation by invitation only. You may contact us at info@centerforhealthcaremanagement.org to request a personal invitation.

Thanks again for joining us in the past or the future. More on our 2016 Forum follows soon – stay tuned @HCMatColumbia!

Best wishes for a colorful fall,




Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus
Director of the Center for Healthcare Management, Germany, and Columbia University, New York, NY, USA