December 2, 2014 katharina.janus

Prof. Janus speaks at the French Ministry of Health’s event on economic evaluation and health services research

Scarce resources entail tough choices: setting priorities, enabling prevention, organizing and financing care delivery. The event brought together leaders from policy, academia, public and private institutions in order to enlighten decision-makers by providing an overview of evaluation methodology and implementation in various countries. A particular emphasis was placed on the context in which evaluation projects take place. This unique and innovative perspective shed light on the rationale of irrationalities that economic evaluation entails in the real world.

The desired improvements of health services as well as the further development of methods for economic evaluation of complex interventions are frequently driven by competing interests. As a consequence and for the betterment of population health the concern should not only be about the objective assessment and evaluation, but also relating to an active management of the process of evaluation, bearing all stakeholders in mind. A call for healthcare management to partner and engage with health economics so to say. “On verra”… or we shall see…

Prof. Janus was invited as the German representative. Her talk on “L’évaluation des programmes de disease management en Allemagne” (on the evaluation of disease management in Germany) touched upon the following issues:

  • The system – from Bismarck to best practice
  • The evaluator – connecting politics, people and partners
  • The process… or the game – how to shape and manage the playing field
  • The project… and results – (how) does it work?
  • The impact – so what?

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