September 26, 2018 HCMatColumbia

Paris is happy history – save the date for Milan 2019

The Center’s 7th Business Forum is happy history – thanks to our sponsors, speakers, participants, a great team, a beautiful venue, food for thought and delight. Some impressions of what it felt like to be there are now online:

As we are harvesting the results of this forum we are already planning for the next: please save the date for our 8th Business Forum, to be held in Milan, Italy, from September 11-13, 2019.

Can’t wait for the next Forum? We’ll come to your premises or pick a venue and design your own, using our unique approach and methodology. Our in-house forums allow us to focus on specific issues related to your organization and explore current examples from your work environment. We will bring key decision-makers together and develop a forward-looking vision about what your business will look like ten years from now. Contact us at to discuss your tailor-made forum.

Our forums are designed for global executives in healthcare business and strategy to discuss the latest developments, challenges and opportunities shaping the industry. Working hand-in-hand with leading thinkers from around the world, our events provide attendees with an ideal forum for networking as well as rigorous analysis and foresight. Our forums have been conceived to help the world’s top healthcare executives seize the moment. This year’s participants rave about the interactive, content-rich and personal experience:

Ray Marsella, Vice President, Strategic Relations, Medimpact, San Diego, USA
“…the topics were very diverse, the agenda was very well put together, the panel discussions, the workshops have generated a lot of interesting discussions. Everybody is participating. It was a very valuable couple of days. I really enjoyed it. I’m very glad to be here. It was excellent.”

Christian Molt, Management Board Member, ERGO Insurance, Düsseldorf, Germany
“…it was an excellent forum for exchange amongst different health care professionals from around the world. The exchange and discussions were highly insightful and brought together different industry perspectives and latest trends in healthcare management. I truly enjoyed the healthcare forum.”

Axel Paeger, CEO AMEOS, Zurich, Switzerland
“This conference is a great opportunity to meet international experts with different backgrounds and discuss current, relevant topics; share experiences and develop new ideas for current and future business opportunities.”

Stephen Parodi, Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group, Executive Vice President, The Permanente Federation, Oakland, USA
“The exchange was fantastic, and I learned a great deal in just 2.5 days. What I found most useful is hearing the international perspectives on how to improve patient care and how to really move technology and systems all for the betterment of the people we serve.”

Paula Morgan, Founder Morgan Consulting Resources Inc., San Francisco, USA
“I really enjoyed this conference for many reasons: the most because it is a very interesting group of people that have been brought together by Katharina and her team to share ideas across globally. And I liked the format, the way that we present some information and then sit down to really brainstorm about it to come up with some common ideas. I’m a big fan.”

Daria Ossipova-Kachakhidze, Head of Health and Longevity R&D SCOR Global Life Insurance, Paris, France
“I liked most the special format of the forum: I was pleased to have so much dialogue and exchanges. It was very pleasant to experience that people are all very open, participating and authentic.”

Marcus Thygeson, Chief Medical Officer, Adaptive Health, Los Angeles, USA
“It’s really been a pleasure to meet thought leaders from all over the world and learn about what’s different in their health systems and also the common challenges we face. I learned a lot from others about ways they’ve found to tackle those challenges and things I can take home and apply in my work.”

Mark Flint, Head of Impaired Annuities at SCOR Global Life UK
“It was a really good mix of people in various fields and therefore, we had a very different conversation than the ones I have had in previous conferences.”

Jiong Du, Chief Pricing Actuary, Asia-Pacific at SCOR, Hong Kong
“The most exciting is that there are lots of senior management and leadership people coming from various industries. We contribute and we share experiences which gives people a very different perspective. So I am thrilled to be here, I’m really delighted to be here. It is way beyond my expectation.”

David Roye, Professor and Executive MD, New-York-Presbyterain Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Columbia Cerebral Palsy Center, New York, USA
“This is the 6th forum that I have attended and I can’t say that there is one that I like better than another, but I love them all. What I get out of it is having so many different mindsets, skillsets, professions in the healthcare industry represented in the same room. There is no other meeting like this.”

Mark Lloyd Davies, Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy, Medical Devices EMEA and Johnson & Johnson Western Markets Lead, Brussels, Belgium
“It is a great event where we can bring together different thinkers and leaders in healthcare and management and clinical work to share new ideas, build new relationships, and network. Although I work in a multinational it is for me a really good opportunity to work with people from very different backgrounds and even more diverse backgrounds that I would often even get at my workplace. So that opportunity for diverse thinking among diverse people is the key reason why I like to come to any of these events.”

Chris Wakefield, V.P. European Marketing & Product Development, GOJO Industries, United Kingdom
“The unique thing about the forum is that it draws together senior physicians, clinicians, executives and industry. That’s not a diverse set of opinions that you get involved in very often. To be able to talk about things that are globally applied but with that industry audience is something I have not experienced before.”

Matthew Sabbatino, L.E.K. Consulting, New York, USA
“What I enjoyed the most is a comfortable, safe place for the free exchange of ideas amongst a diverse group of people with deep experience and vast knowledge in healthcare.”

Thanks again to SCOR global reinsurance, ALLIANZ private health insuranceMedimpactMorgan Consulting Resources, Laboratoires Prodene Klint S.A.Columbia University New York  and my consulting network ENJOY STRATEGY for supporting us. If you would like to join them and others in becoming a partner of the next Forum please inquire at Attend the 8th Forum with your organization to identify new trends and incorporate them into future products and strategies necessary for success in a market of shifting US and EU priorities.

More on the 7th Forum follows soon – stay tuned @HCMatColumbia!