August 26, 2014 katharina.janus

New Health Alliance between Columbia University and Europe

New York – The Center for Healthcare Management and Columbia University’s Department of Health Policy & Management (HPM) at the Mailman School of Public Health recently signed an affiliation agreement.

As a leader in healthcare management research, the Center has worked hand-in-hand with social scientists, mathematicians, political scientists, and data management experts to apply evaluation research to medical and management oriented innovations. With a distinguished network of leading academics and practitioners, the Center has been assessing the performance of innovations, validating measurements, and implementing change with the goal of creating high-performing healthcare systems and organizations since 2010.

Joint initiatives of the affiliation relate to research, education, and other scholarly activities. Specific areas of common interest include

  1. The Center’s unique expertise in healthcare management, which will support HPM’s vision to establish a research cluster in that area.
  2. The Center’s cross-national orientation and collaboration with experts in numerous healthcare systems, which will enhance HPM’s international orientation and enable joint initiatives with respect to healthcare reform and practice implementation.
  3. The Center’s work in evaluation of real-world medical and management interventions, which will contribute to HPM’s plans to expand its work in implementation and systems science.
  4. The Center’s activities in non-degree management executive education programs in Europe, which should offer further areas for collaboration to train healthcare leaders cross-nationally in the future.

The Center for Healthcare Management will continue to operate its European base and act as a Columbia University research center based in Europe. For more information please contact the director of the Center Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus at or consult