May 12, 2017 HCMatColumbia

Getting ready for Paris Healthcare Week and recap of the Center’s 6th Forum

It’s Paris again: I am excited to be a speaker at the Paris Healthcare Week (May 17 at 10am) on “Système de soins : vers un changement de paradigme” (Healthcare systems: towards changing paradigms). Our 6th Forum: “Worldwide expert meeting on challenges to market access, strategic development and life sciences partnerships” ended just two weeks ago – also in Paris. Discussions among participants are ongoing and we are happy to hear that people found it worthwhile and enjoyable among our selected circle of global healthcare leaders:

“The Center’s 6th Forum was a fantastic platform to meet with national and international leaders, and to discuss best practices for overcoming challenges. It was also an excellent opportunity to discuss the larger discourses that underlie these topics, such as access to healthcare as a whole” concluded Peter M. Fleischut, SVP and Chief Transformation Officer at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York.

We learned a lot at our 6th Forum. Here are a few things that came up during the discussions:

  • The “value” discussion has many facets – proving added value due to regulatory requirements, creating real-world evidence (RWE) to foster innovation, and targeting a value story at the patient to achieve patient centeredness is key.
  • In the process of sharpening the value proposition in different countries we have to distinguish between clinical and budgetary value and make this difference transparent as we design a comprehensive product & solution strategy.
  • Modular evidence that can be applied in different countries for reimbursement and strategic partnership discussions can facilitate the rapprochement of providers, payers and the industry.
  • This in turn helps the industry to benefit from providers’ entitlement to reimbursement and grant providers the opportunity to benefit from the industry’s untapped value – non-communicated evidence.
  • Mapping the market and consolidating the evidence requires a tactical approach to put together the larger puzzle of increasingly complex market access strategies for implementation. This will enable a conversion of global strategies.

Currently, the environment is open for innovative and more creative approaches to market access. If you’d like to know more we would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you how we can support you accessing certain markets and taking advantage of these opportunities. Core learnings/overviews and photos of the 6th Forum are now online at virtual broadcasting for you to enjoy.

Meet us in Paris May 15-18 or back in New York City as of May 24. We look very much forward to getting together.

We’ll tweet about Paris Healthcare Week @katharinajanus and @HCMatColumbia #PHW17 – stay tuned!