February 21, 2016 HCMatColumbia

Be part of the Center’s 5th Forum in Berlin

Hosted by Katharina Janus of the Center for Healthcare Management at Columbia University, Alan Weil of Health Affairs, and Bernadette Klapper of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation the 5th Forum will be held June 9-10, 2016 at the Capital Residence of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation in Berlin on “Learning from each other – scaling ideas up to the next level”.

The Forum is specifically designed to allow participants to cross-fertilize ideas and visions thanks to the interactive format. Crossing boundaries to include various perspectives and different takes on how to change cultures and behaviors when being faced with common strategic and operational challenges will be at the core of the 5th Forum.

The two-day global event will feature top academics, industry leaders, and healthcare providers, leading C.E.O.s and other experts who will share cutting-edge research and hands-on case studies.

Two fundamental elements will distinguish this singular event: First, the Forum is oriented towards defining how the industry will look like in ten years and developing a forward-looking vision and roadmap to improve the organization, financing, and delivery of healthcare. Diverse leaders from various countries who face the same challenges share their experiences on a personal level and work jointly on solutions.

To complement and build on those insights, we seek to encourage active dialogue among global leaders to brainstorm about tomorrow’s world. Therefore, PowerPoints are not allowed at our Forum, and people talk to each other face-to-face, moderated by our experts.

Many of the insights and findings discussed at the conference will be covered in the Health Affairs Blog – the leading journal of the health sphere – and on centerforhealthcaremanagement.org before and shortly after the event concludes.

What’s on stage? Check out the agenda.

Who’s on stage? Check out the faculty.

Space is limited and participation by invitation only. You may contact us directly at info@centerforhealthcaremanagement.org to request your personal registration code. More on our 2016 Forum follows soon – stay tuned @HCMatColumbia!

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