October 17, 2017 HCMatColumbia

A great week with US delegates in Berlin

We were proud to be the thought leader and organize the educational program for the TPG mission to Germany that brought more than thirty healthcare executives from leading health plans to Berlin. This was the 10th anniversary of a trip for which I organized the line-up of speakers already ten years ago. Happy to see familiar faces of a few delegates who came for the second time to learn what has changed and in what way our system remains the same: values such as solidarity, free choice, and equal access to services continue to be the pillars of a high performing healthcare system.

Participants had the opportunity to hear from all perspectives about the German system:

  • Former health minister and now management board member at Allianz health insurance Daniel Bahr provided insights into health policy, financing and changes in drug reimbursement regulation;
  • Stefan Oelrich, executive vice president diabetes & cardiovascular and newly appointed member of the executive committee at Sanofi elaborated on challenges in reimbursement, market access and integrated care;
  • Alexander Bock, founder of ClinEdu, explored different perspectives how to approach medical data in the future – thinking outside the box to move from claims analysis to actual medical insights triggered an interactive discussion;
  • Susanne Agasi (head of corporate strategic development) and Torsten Hecke (head of analytics and insights) provided valuable insights into competition, risk-management and how to use artificial intelligence to manage populations effectively in the future;
  • Rachel Seeling, David Naegler and Christian Buschkow welcomed us at the Charité for our site-visit – we learned about financing, historic sites and fundamental innovation in German medicine and beyond;
  • Erich Schröder completed the spectrum of perspectives as expert physician, policy consultant and former head of communications in pharma before we summarized learnings, impressions and take-aways.

We were happy to welcome this distinguished delegation of wonderful people in our home country and look forward to maybe a return in ten years!