Research & consulting

The Center for Healthcare Management offers research and consulting services in the following three areas:

Assessment and evaluation

Frequently, we are asked to provide expert assessments and evaluation. Our projects in this area relate to the classical analytic assessment of new technologies and also include complex interventions as well as innovative care management approaches. As a preparatory step for strategy projects we also evaluate stakeholder relationships, underlying power structures and incentive schemes.

Strategy and organizational design

Our strategy and design projects aim at gaining more control of the inherently complex value chain in healthcare delivery. Usually, they start with the simple objective to reduce costs or utilization of services. However, in our approach we go one step further: in addition to determining cost drivers, we ask why this issue has relevance and what did we miss when measuring indicators. These analyses go beyond one organization to include various players and patients alike. In this way, we are able to redesign optimized treatment pathways for combinations of medical interventions. Related to this is frequently a strategic realignment of provider incentives and performance measurement.

Implementation and change management

Our unique network of global experts enables us to offer country-specific domain expertise in healthcare management and policy when implementing best practices cross-nationally and on-site. This helps our clients to better manage the health (and risks) of entire populations. We also support stakeholders in relating changes in outcomes to provider incentives in order to renegotiate terms and conditions with providers or health plans. Our key to success is merging small and big data inside of healthcare organizations and systems in order to make it applicable for employees’ decision-making processes. Our commitment is not only to help you create a strategy to achieve your long-term goals, but also to follow through on-site in communicating your plan to providers and stakeholders.

Projects within the described three areas sometimes stand individually or overlap all areas as they follow the logical steps to create high-performing healthcare systems and organizations.

In all the work we do we rely on our unique network of domain experts around the globe to help multinationals and local organizations to learn from others. This enables us to take individual cultures and corporate identities into account when designing the strategy. Mapping the setting and its stakeholders is as crucial as the methodology chosen for evaluation and implementation.

Benefits of our research & consulting services in a nutshell

  • Lower costs/higher quality of patient outcomes/provider satisfaction
  • Improved human resources efficiency/stakeholder involvement
  • Aligned strategy & implementation

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