Member services

The Center’s Global Institute handles all our member services and annual forums. We are offering sponsorship packages to a selected group of industry leaders and foundations that play a major role in their national or global markets. Organizations can become members at different levels (platinum, gold, silver, bronze) to benefit from various services throughout the year. These are tailored towards individual organizational needs and negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The Global Institute also offers individual memberships for those of you who would like to gain access to the Center’s knowledge resources and archives only.

Please note that you do not need to be a member to use our research and consulting services.

Memberships for companies, foundations and other organizations

The Global Institute offers a number of services to its corporate members to support executives in their key decision-making roles, including:

  • Short course certificate programs on topics important to the development of global management and policy,
  • Annual Forums featuring in-depth interactional learning devoted to key strategic issues,
  • Access to our members-only online resources (reports, videos, case studies),
  • Roundtable video telephone discussions of key strategic topics,
  • C-Suite forum (a C-suite-only communication channel for discussions of issues central and unique to the role of C-suite executives),
  • Leadership retreat support,
  • Facilitated site visits and study tours and much more – please see the flyer above for more information.

The corporate membership entitles the organization’s senior leadership team to the Institute’s programs and benefits. The members’ CEO, CFO, CMO, CSO and CIO (or equivalents) will participate in the Global Institutes programs. For very large organizations, participants may come from various subunits of the organization.

Benefits of our corporate member services

Unique access to an international community of industry leaders in the health delivery and insurance world:
  • Increasing the learning curve of managers through the exploration of alternative concepts and ideas
  • Improving the speed and appropriateness of the response rate to changes in markets and policies
  • Framing the big picture and developing contextual sensitivity
Convening of leadership teams from all healthcare sectors and other major industries:
  • Increasing leader’s confidence in strategic and operational challenges
  • Sharpening analytical tool sets for strategies, products and services
  • Reducing the continuous invention of the wheel
Educational and informational sharing approach:
  • Boutique education and exchange, that is: not ‘off the shelf’ packages
  • Sound evidence which is applicable in practice – i.e. not just an academic exercise
  • Out-of-the-box thinking – non-prescription, but providing a managerial framework

Contact us directly at for corporate membership packages.

Individual memberships

The Global Institute offers individual members access to reports, case studies and videos of its Forums to support them in their key decision-making roles. Please check out the overview of content as well as the benefits.

Benefits of individual member services

  • Access to the Center’s knowledge base
  • Staying tuned about annual Forums and events
  • Expanding your learning and professional development
  • Getting to know the Center and its various activities and initiatives

You can register for individual memberships in the member area. If you have received a discount code, please use it in the registration process.