We offer a range of courses related to macro-level healthcare market phenomena as well as micro-level management classes that can be tailored to your organization’s needs and strategy. We also facilitate connections during those educational programs with other leaders and stakeholders from our network.

Please contact us directly at if you would like to discuss more details and receive a list of sample programs we have designed.

Benefits of our educational services

Unique access to an international community of industry leaders in the health delivery and insurance world:
  • Increasing the learning curve of managers through the exploration of alternative concepts and ideas
  • Improving the speed and appropriateness of the response rate to changes in markets and policies
  • Framing the big picture and developing contextual sensitivity
Convening of leadership teams from all healthcare sectors and other major industries:
  • Increasing leader’s confidence in strategic and operational challenges
  • Sharpening analytical tool sets for strategies, products and services
  • Reducing the continuous invention of the wheel
Educational and informational sharing approach:
  • Boutique education and exchange, that is: not ‘off the shelf’ packages
  • Sound evidence which is applicable in practice – i.e. not just an academic exercise
  • Out-of-the-box thinking – non-prescription, but providing a managerial framework