Research that informs your strategy

Our offers in this area relate to the classical analytical assessment of new technologies and also include complex interventions as well as innovative care management approaches.

  • We offer expert assessments and evaluations. These can be related to traditional effectiveness studies and the generation of real-world-evidence.
  • Our market access and product analytics serve as a basis for strategy building. Please see a complete offering of our services in the following file: Global Market Access Solutions
  • We also conduct innovative Center-initiated research on underlying constructs of client relationships, such as loyalty, trust, satisfaction, and commercial friendships.
  • As a preparatory step for strategy projects we also evaluate stakeholder relationships, underlying power structures and incentive schemes.
  • Implementation strategies based on evaluations will be supported by the consulting network

Education that gets people on board

We provide tailor-made executive education programs that are designed according to your organization’s needs and strategic purposes.

  • We offer a range of courses related to macro-level healthcare market phenomena as well as micro-level management classes.
  • Modules include an overview of a particular or several markets and sessions on management tools.
  • The core piece can be related to and based on your strategy or strategic change. We develop it jointly and will use your business case to get the message to your people.
  • If desired your program can include a Columbia University certificate. Contact us to discuss details and to receive an overview of sample classes.

Access to a global network of experts

Our unique network of global experts enables us to offer country-specific domain expertise in healthcare management when implementing best practices cross-nationally and on-site.

  • Better manage the health (and risks) of entire populations by relating changes in outcomes to provider incentives.
  • Annual Forums convene the network to work on topics that matter and develop directions for the future.
  • Study trips, courses and mini-forums allow you to meet experts in their or your environment. Contact us to get started.
  • Become an individual or organizational member yourself. Please use the form to inquire optional levels and benefits.

Inspiration beyond the ordinary

Our research and educational framework crosses borders – countries, professions, industries – and provides a unique quality and depth of knowledge through meaningful conversations.

  • Research that covers themes beyond the ordinary. We conduct research that is not financed by traditional ways of funding.
  • Education that relates to your strategy and issues that matter. We tailor a program based on your needs.
  • Forums in a non-conventional format. Our forums follow a reverse-conferencing format that inspires new thoughts instead of reproducing existing knowledge.
  • Study trips around the world to learn about healthcare systems, cultures and countries. Experience the history and change abroad.