Feedback from participants

This is not a trade show, but it really is thought leaders from across the world, Europe, the United States, elsewhere having an opportunity to have a dialogue with each other around the challenges that each country faces in meeting the health care needs of its citizens.
Bruce Fried, Managing Partner Dentons LLP and former Head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

So this forum is much less on the presentation of previously described materials and seems to focus more on discussions of the participants in brainstorming and defending or proposing ideas. And I think that’s a much more interactive type of forum.
Frank Maddux, CMO of Fresenius Medical Care North America

This is the Forum to share information about how to learn what others are doing, so that we can take it back to our own communities and apply it.
Walter Kopp, President Medical Management Services USA

The uniform high quality of the people here: every time somebody opens their mouth here – it’s a good use of my time and I’m listening to something and I’m writing it down and thinking about it – and I find that useful.
Lawrence Brown, Professor Columbia University New York

All of us have the same kind of response to this really in-depth meeting. 90% of the ideas that are expressed are ideas that you’ve been exposed to or you’ve had or you’ve articulated but to have them articulated so well and so meaningfully and in such a short period of time – I think is really powerful.
David Roye, Head of Orthopedic Pediatric Surgery, Presbyterian Hospital New York