The Center for Healthcare Management organizes annual Forums on Health Policy & Management through its Care-Tank. Driven by the discontent with traditional conference formats, the need for intellectual innovation, and the still strong hunger for convening the Care-Tank invested in a novel approach to create truly inspirational meetings because we felt that

We are all conferenced out – we need something new.
Lawrence D. Brown, Professor of Health Policy and Management Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, NY, USA

The Center’s Care-Tank approach, relying on real-time and team-based content capturing and evaluation supported by various moderation and visualization techniques provides the opportunity to learn from others and compare notes. Conversations and interactive panels allow participants to acquire knowledge and insights that lead to fresh and promising approaches to longstanding and unresolved challenges in innovation and implementation.

Participants’ reactions speak for themselves:

Nearly all the conferences I have attended over the past 35 years used the traditional approach where the enlightened “few” teach the “many” who are less enlightened. The Care-Tank approach is quite different and promises to produce a different, richer type of learning for everyone involved. It’s about time conference proceedings were modernized.
Thomas G. Rundall, Henry J. Kaiser Emeritus Professor of Organized Health Systems School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

Your Individual Forum – get a taste of the Center’s approach

Can’t wait for the Center’s next annual Forum? We’ll come to your premises and design your own, using our unique approach and methodology. Our in-house forums allow us to focus on specific issues related to your organization and explore current examples from your work environment. We will explore solutions and develop a forward-looking vision about what your business will look like ten years from now.