Who we are

Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus founded the Center for Healthcare Management in 2010 as a network of leading international scholars and practitioners. Since then, the Center has evolved into a global organization. In May 2014 the Center solidified its academic and research components by becoming a Columbia University Center in the Department of Health Policy & Management.

As a research and consultancy organization of leading international scholars and practitioners the Center for Healthcare Management’s core competency lies in developing and executing projects as well as offering education to maximize global health performance.

Our approach

Management research has traditionally been driven by real-world phenomena. It doesn’t happen in a lab, rather it has to prove its applicability and return-on-investment in practice. For this reason, we do not rely solely on secondary data sources to prove hypotheses, rather we complement these secondary sources through in-depth interviews with key decision-makers who carry out the day-to-day operations in healthcare organizations.

It is not only about determining what is a potential cost driver, but also unveiling why this is the case. Through merging secondary data with interviews with key players we can then ask the question “what did we miss” instead of “how did we measure up” within the confinements of the already established parameters. Stepping outside the controlled trial box into reality has helped our clients’ understanding as Ron Kuerbitz, former CEO of Fresenius Medical Care North America / now CEO of agilon health put it:

These are really fundamental issues of how do we organize, how do we put the resources in the right places and what can we expect in results. So the Center’s [work] is not an academic exercise; it [addresses] a very practical immediate need for the changes in our system and for us to understand how we can play the corporate role in implementing these changes.

On-site consulting needs a strong methodological toolbox that can be tailored to individual needs, cultures and countries. In order to help you follow through with your structural innovations, the Center provides assistance with on-site implementation. One size does not fit all! Therefore, we rely on domain expertise of global experts in all the work we do. We think globally, but act locally – just the way you like it.