Applied research

Management research has traditionally been driven by real-world phenomena. It doesn’t happen in a lab, rather it has to prove its applicability and return-on-investment in practice. For this reason, we do not rely solely on secondary data sources to assess phenomena, rather we complement these secondary sources through in-depth interviews with key decision-makers who carry out the day-to-day operations in healthcare organizations.


We walk outside the beaten research path to understand and evaluate management phenomena in healthcare organizations: enlighten and cherish instead of publish or perish. Questioning instead of confirming hypotheses is our mantra. To facilitate the journey to innovative insights we employ various methods. Drawing a picture of reality for you is key for us – the wow effect for you is guaranteed.


Reinventing research entails new methods of distribution and implementation. We rely on our global network of experts, self-publishing and social media to share with you what we learn. You can consume and contribute at your discretion. If you get involved, you have a say. And we’ll spread the knowledge around the world. We collaborate with – a consulting network – to help you with the implementation of research findings.

Targeted delivery

Learning something new that matters to you and your organizational performance is key for future survival. The essence of original research is to experience the joy of discovery again – bearing clearly defined objectives in mind. Curiosity fuels our motivation; a streamlined project management sets the framework. Managing expertise for your research purposes is at our core. We aspire to make this process effective and practical.