The Center for Healthcare Management at Columbia University and in Europe

The Center for Healthcare Management is a global organization located in Germany (for the European, Asian and the Middle Eastern markets) and at Columbia University in New York City for the Americas (@HCMatColumbia). It is a research and consultancy organization consisting of leading international scholars and practitioners. The Center’s core competency lies in developing and executing projects as well as offering education to maximize global health performance.

The Center grew out of a circle of engaged and dedicated global professionals in healthcare management who strive to find practical solutions for today’s complex healthcare challenges. Our commitment is not only to help you create a strategy to achieve your long-term goals, but also to follow through on-site in communicating your plan to providers and stakeholders. Because we care about making healthcare systems more efficient and improving organizational performance we call our coalition the Care-Tank, merging think-tanks and do-tanks. The Center’s Care-Tank brings together distinguished scholars and practitioners from world-class organizations and universities, as indicated below.



Today, the Care-Tank supports the Center’s core team of social scientists, mathematicians, political scientists, and data management experts in their project-related work.

Ron Kuerbitz, former CEO of Fresenius Medical North America / now CEO of agilon health pointed out that

The process that we have employed here in the Care-Tank allows us to be able to do a better job in identifying solutions that exist in major markets and that are applicable to other markets.

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